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Reducing Your Electronic Waste

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It is essential in today's market to address all the issues related to the retirement of end-of-life IT equipment. Improper IT recycling, e-waste disposal, or redeployment of technology assets can result in huge losses, ranging from lawsuits to hefty governmental penalties—not to mention a bad image. Genie Technologies ensures that your legacy technology assets are either properly disposed or redeployed into the market.

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Protecting your data and ensuring that it is not improperly disseminated is perhaps the most important consideration when looking into the remarketing or disposal of technology assets. Genie Technologies strictly adheres to DoD high-level-security, data-sanitization procedures (5220.22M). We offer two effective solutions to protect you from any data breaches or improper dissemination.

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If you need help with data sanitation and shredding, contact Genie Technologies in Washington, DC. Our service is great if you're looking into electronic and computer recycling and want to keep your data secure. Recycling your old computers can be extremely helpful for schools, poor families, and charitable organizations who can't afford new equipment.

We help you manage your used IT assets and maximize returns through effective redeployment and disposal. Since 1995, we have been specializing in IT recycling, refurbishing, and reselling. By reducing your electronic waste, we help you protect the environment and recover value from your used assets.

Genie Technologies has always prided itself by strictly following national and international rules and regulations when it comes to e-waste disposal and electronics recycling in Virginia and Washington D.C. We abide by a zero landfill policy where all items, parts, or components are either reused for their original purpose or broken down into reusable parts. You can rest assured that while we will guarantee the proper disposal of all your technology assets, our aim is to extensively evaluate the reusability of an item prior to e-waste disposal. If the product can be reused, it will be refurbished, boxed, and resold in the market. An item that carries no value as a whole or as a part will be disposed of according to national and international regulations.



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