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About Us

Genie Technologies is an IT asset management company specializing in the redeployment or disposal of off-lease and end-of-life IT equipment. Our primary objective is to assist companies, organizations, or government agencies maximize their return. Unlike most asset management companies, Genie Technologies will exert every effort to refurbish and resell all recovered IT equipment in order to increase revenue. We follow strict EPA regulations in recycling computer equipment and DoD standards in destroying data and sanitizing media products.

Genie Technologies offers a full-service recycling program. Whether you are looking to dispose legacy IT equipment or are looking to sanitize media, Genie Technologies has a program that will fit your needs. We are committed to making sure that our programs comply 100% with governmental rules and regulations, and we adhere to a strict export policy to ensure that equipment does not end up in a landfill halfway across the globe. Our procedures are completely guided by government rules and regulations, as well as strict, internal rules, enhancing our ability to effectively conduct proper recycling programs and safe material handling. We fully comply with EPA, OSHA and DoD standards and make sure that all of our recycling partners abide by the same rules we follow or adhere to better ones.

From start to finish, Genie Technologies exerts every effort and utilizes all of our resources to ensure that our redeployment program will help our customers increase revenue and avoid any risks associated with the disposal of legacy IT equipment. Our helpful services include:

• Asset Redeployment
• Logistics Management
• Data Sanitization or Shredding
• Online Tracking & Reporting
• Government Compliant Disposition Services
• Lease Return Management
• Asset Remarketing & Direct Purchase
• OEM Reverse Logistics Services
• Surplus Parts Management
• De-Branding & Tear-Down Services
• E-Scrap Recycling