Value Vale Recovery and Redeployment

One of the primary objectives of a sound IT Asset Management program should be the implementation of processes that would enhance the optimization of value recovery on end-of-term IT equipment. This should include the redeployment of functional or repairable equipment and the harvesting of accessories and components in the redeployment process. Genie Technologies can help your organization optimize the return on your equipment without sacrificing the integrity of your data or reputation.

Quite often reselling EOL equipment generates more revenues than recycling. Genie Technologies will exert every effort to properly assess the value of all your IT assets and remarket it in a timely manner. With over 20 years in the secondary equipment market, Genie Technologies will utilize all market data and capitalize on multiple channels that we have developed over the years to maximize return. Of course, not all EOL equipment has a resale value. Genie Technologies will ensure that any equipment to be recycled will be done in an environmentally sound manner and guided by EPA standards.

Genie Technologies will pick up, refurbish, resell or recycle equipment at absolutely no cost to you. You will not incur any cost for any recycling or disposition services offered by us. Our primary objective is to maximize the return on equipment sales and thus increase your return on end-of-term or legacy IT equipment. While other companies will pick up your equipment and give you pennies per pound, Genie Technologies goes the extra mile to assess the value of a product, refurnish it, sell it, and at the end of every term provide you with a detailed settlement report and share with you the revenues.

Genie Technologies offers a variety of programs that can be tailored to fit your needs and requirements. We can either offer a direct purchase program which is quick and hassle free or we can implement a profit-sharing program and while it takes longer to process, you will realize higher returns.

24/7 Online Asset Tracking

Track your assets 24/7 using our proprietary online tracking system (GENIETRACK). You can track your equipment anytime, anywhere by serial number, asset tag number, pickup date and much more.

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